Team Approach & Leadership Team Dynamics For a patient to experience a successful outcome from a resuscitation event relies on team coordination and teamwork.  You are not a group of individuals working in the same room.  You are a team. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Every team will need a “team leader” to […]

ACLS Patient Assessment The ACLS  Patient Assessment (A-B-C-D)  AIRWAY Assessing & monitoring your patient’s airway is vital to their short and long-term survival from a resuscitation event. The resuscitation team leader must decide if the benefit of inserting an endotracheal tube outweighs the risk of pausing CPR. Technology in airway management has provided us with highly reliable […]

BLS Patient Assessments The International Liasion Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) BLS guidelines published in 2020 include… C-A-B Assessment Process. (Circulation-Airway-Breathing) CPR should be initiated for presumed cardiac arrest, as the risk of harm is low if the patient is not in a cardiac arrest Chest compressions are the number one priority.  An AED should be used as soon as […]